Articles and conference papers


Stevenson, F., Baker, H., & Fewson, K. (2013). Cohousing case studies in the UK. Presented at the PLEA 2013 - 29th Conference, Sustainable Architecture for a Renewable Future, Munich, Germany.


Stevenson, F., Fewson, K., Johnston, D., Yeats, A. 2013. Lancaster Cohousing project (part eight): Post occupation building performance evaluation. Green Building Magazine,23(1), pp.24-29.


Fewson, K. & Leaman, A. 2008. Travel exhaustion. BSRIA Delta T Journal, 4(3), pp.14-16.

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MSc thesis


Fewson, K., 2007. Energy-efficient offices: are there productivity benefits for businesses in occupant terms by improving energy efficiency? MSc. University of East London at the Centre for Alternative Technology