Occupant surveys

"People are the most valid measuring instruments: they are just harder to calibrate" Gary Raw


There are a number of data collection methods out there. We use the Building Use Studies (BUS) occupant questionnaire to collect data on people’s thoughts and perceptions of buildings for the following reasons:


  • It has been tried and tested since 1985 - robust;
  • The standard questions mean buildings can be compared - huge dataset (over 400);
  • It’s flexible - used for housing, offices, offices, civic buildings, fire stations, hospitals etc.
  • The results generated give good overall feedback without being invasive;
  • It generally takes 5-10 minutes to complete;
  • There are both paper and internet versions available;
  • It is anonymous and independently carried out - people can be more honest with their answers;
  • The analysis is available online and comprises a large number of easy to download charts
  • We have been using it since 2006 - find it effective


We are a Yorkshire-based BUS occupant survey partner, working in collaboration with numerous organisations across the country to benchmark building performance and develop datasets for a large range of building types.


To discuss aspects relating to occupant surveys please contact us