Closed Loop Projects is a small consultancy led by architect Kate Morland (nee Fewson). Kate has specialised in building performance evaluation since 2006, working with the Usable Buildings Trust and Building Use Studies, amongst others, to carry out occupant surveys. Her work has continued since completing an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies from the Centre for Alternative Technology and University of East London. Kate’s research and subsequent thesis explored whether there were occupant productivity benefits for businesses by improving energy efficiency. Kate is currently studying for her PhD at Sheffield University. Her reseach investigates how the performance of new homes could be affected by the routines and learning processes of housebuilder organisations.


Kate’s interests are comparing design intent against actual performance and feeding this information forward into the design process. The hope is that closing this knowledge loop, rather than treating building design as a linear process, will lead to better buildings in future. Buildings which are comfortable to be in, efficient to run and maintain plus being attractive to look at.


Closed Loop Projects focuses on research but it is essential this work directly links to practice. As part of this, Closed Loop Projects works with, and forms part of, Carve Architecture; a small practice based in North Yorkshire and the North East.